Monday, 28 November 2011

Five Benefits of Picture Books After School

Five Benefits of Picture Books After School

Engaging kids is easier when you choose great books.
LitART uses high interest picture books and organized into themes.
  1. Picture books are a powerful way to help English Learners get the support they need to comprehend the story- even if even if the students don't understand the language.
  2. Picture books help develop story sense, especially when you experience over 100 stories a year.
  3. Students are exposed to different authors, illustration styles, vocabulary, and text structures.
  4. The illustrations offer context clues for developing or struggling readers.
  5. Many picture books have rhyming or repetitive patterns that can be used to support oral language development.

We choose books for LitART based on our "secret formula" that combines student, teacher, and parent recommendations; paper back availability; awards or special recognition; and the use oflanguage. If you have any books you believe we should include, please let us know.

Happy Reading!

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